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Al beyot Al Sarah.

For Contracting And Real-estate Investment Ltd.

Since urban construction, investment and real estate projects are the cornerstones of development and advancement in civilized countries around the world!

Al-Beyot Al-Sarah for Contracting and Real Estate Investment Ltd. was established with the aim of adding a touch of creativity in the field of contracting and urban construction to promote the development of cities in the architectural field in the Arab world.

Al-Beyot Al-Sarah for Contracting and Real Estate Investment Ltd. is one of the largest companies specialized in contracting and construction and urban projects in the Libyan state. Since its foundation in 2012, Al-Beyot Al-Sarah has been able to maintain its position in this field with the constant focus on developing by using innovative construction techniques to create unique designs with great attention to the smallest details, including the construction of villas and palaces, drilling oil pipelines, dams, railways, train stations, tunnels, and the construction of towers and smart cities.


Our Partners

Al-Beyot Al-Sarah Company has developed in all fields of contracting, investment and real estate development in cooperation with prominent companies and entities in these fields, in order to enrich knowledge and exchange experiences to achieve successful projects implemented in the world of construction and urban building.


Our vision

for a bright structural and architectural future

Providing effective solutions for both construction operations and designs of commercial and industrial projects in various cities and regions to help build the country and develop it in terms of investment, tourism and architecture.

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Landscape Design​
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One of the most prominent construction companies that top the list of construction and real estate investment companies in Libya and the Arab world. It has an impressive record of accomplishment of construction projects in infrastructure, contracting in all its specializations, and real estate investment projects in the Libyan state and many surrounding Arab countries.

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