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General contracting services for building and construction projects

The company specializes in overall planning and coordination, as well as controlling the project at all stages, starting from defining the project’s needs, objectives and purpose, and setting the required plans for implementation, and ending with the completion of design, construction, operation and maintenance.

Our urban construction and real estate construction projects are divided into several types, including:

Residential facilities and buildings:

Al-Beyot Al-Sarah is a leading company in design and construction of residential buildings including apartments, villas, palaces, homes, low-rise buildings, residential towers and high-rise skyscrapers.

Commercial facilities and buildings:

The company is distinguished by its giant capabilities to carry out the most luxurious commercial projects of buildings and towers for companies, businesses, offices, banks, commercial centers, as well as shopping and entertainment centers.

Industrial facilities and large civil engineering projects:

Al-Beyot Al-Sarah for Contracting and Real Estate Investment is one of the major companies that has the ability and skill to carry out huge state projects. In addition to its full preparation to provide all its capabilities and distinguished resources to manage projects and industrial facilities, including factories, production lines, oil and gas transmission lines, oil refineries, floating drilling platforms and power plants. It also includes all infrastructure works such as roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, metro lines, huge water tanks and dams.

Successful real estate investment projects

Real estate is one of the most popular types of investment among investors, regardless of their interests and experiences, therefore, Al-Beyot Al-Sarah is keen to lay the foundations for facilitating and developing successful real estate investment in Tripoli in particular and the Libyan state in general. The company has a great ability to raise the efficiency of investment projects and make room for real estate projects with the highest efficiency and profitability at the state level to develop and prosper in the investment sector.


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